Business Planning

Business Planning

Planning is my secret obsession, my husband is constantly rolling his eyes at my “lists of lists” as he calls them. Now keep in mind it is one thing to have a ton of lists laying around and a completely different thing to be fully completing the items on those lists. Which are you doing?

Do you write down brilliant ideas and never have time to execute them? Do you need a creative person to help you dream up promotional ways to reach your clients? Look no further I am here ready, willing and able!

sticky notes

Do you write down brilliant ideas?
Are you frustrated by never having the time to see them accomplished?

You can ask many of my former real estate clients what I did best to help them sell their home – most will tell you that my creativity and promotional ideas helped them sell in much less time than their neighbors.

I have a very unique skill set that I have cultivated in many different areas over my real estate career. From mentoring, coaching and training other agents, building business networks, creating marketing materials, brainstorming big ideas and managing several employees at once I thrive on creativity and solutions.

My on hands training has spanned thru major corporations such as Re/Max International, Brian Buffini Certified mentorship, Keller Williams training modules, Rick De Luca management systems & good old fashioned hard work!

I can help you plan your business’ year long marketing calendar, a budget to cover those items or even a large client party to promote your business.The snippet below is from my resume and it explains different ways I could help any business owner excel.

Marketing/Promotion; I enjoy building marketing campaigns and carrying them out to fruition.  I have previously marketed to a specific middle-upper end area of homes in Gilbert, AZ  for over 10 years.  I utilized a consistent system of promotion with marketing   and information that I personally designed to hold homeowners’ attention, due to shelf-life.  This allowed me to meet my neighbors at community events I would create, organize and gather sponsorships for allowing the costs to be covered. The use of these skills allowed me to become the top Resale Agent in Morrison Ranch, selling over 100 resale homes in a 6-year period.

Marketing Examples: Flag placement at all entry points on American holidays, Annual Garage Sale,  Easter Eggstravaganza, CPR classes, endorsements of other business’ through promotion of a class homeowners could attend for free, Pecan Festival, Safety Day, Bike Rodeo, Breakfast with Santa, and many more!

I understand some of these examples may not apply to YOUR business, but I promise you I can dream up, plan and carry out a marketing plan that will bring new clients to your doorstep!

If you have any questions, please contact us – we RETURN all phone calls!

Yours to Count On,

Erika Madsen
Madsen Avenue Promotions
(602) 849-6576 cell

P.S. Madsen Avenue Promotions will customize marketing to fit YOUR business (door to door flyer delivery, business planning, social media integration & website design!)


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