Blogging Series, How and What? (part 3 of 5)


Blogging; How often and what topics? (part 3 of 5)

First off, let me briefly explain that this series got slightly interrupted by a cross country move… slightly… HA!!

Nevertheless, I am back to posting and wanted to continue this series especially since many of you had begun to follow my wordpress site. Happy Blogging!

# 9 –

Live Tweet from a conference – brilliant idea! Super easy as well, in fact as the speaker if you create the hastag ahead of time and then share it with your audience the members of any group can begin to network and share while they are still THERE!!

# 10 –

Host a live Q&A period on any topic thru social media tied to your platform, another winner! Create the hastag, select a time, promote it just as you would an upcoming face to face networking, etc and then open your world up to questions from your readers & followers!

# 11 –

Is there information that not only you, but also your readers are DYING to know? If so reach out to an industry leader and ask them to allow you to interview them for your blog, it will automatically lend you credibility and give them free exposure at the same time.

# 12 –

I am a HUGE believer of contests, especially if the business you are promoting lends itself easily to holding one. Just recently I created and executed a contest for a client of mine, in a 2 week period it boosted their Facebook traffic over 500% (see graphic below)

waggers FB data

# 13 –

I find guest posts to be helpful and informative – the main thing I always try to accomplish is making sure the topic is relevant to your readers.

# 14 –

I have yet to investigate this on a first hand basis, however, it does seem like a great idea!

# 15 –

Build a Slideshare presentation, focus on a topic that is broad enough to entice most of your readers, and then be cognizant to write it at a level where they will share it with other colleagues who can also benefit from the material.

# 16 –

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!! Not only will it help you, but sharing this data in an easy to understand format will not only build confidence within your clients, it will make them raving fans for your business!

HOMEWORK: before next week when I cover the next 8 ideas choose ONE from the list above. Then write, edit and publish a blog post using the idea as a framework. When you are done I want you to email the blog post to Be sure to let me know if you’d like any input and I will guarantee you a personal email response!

Yours to Count On,

Erika Madsen
Madsen Avenue Promotions
(602) 849-6576 cell

P.S. Madsen Avenue Promotions will customize marketing to fit YOUR business; No matter what your need! We specialize in social media integration, business planning, event coordination and even website design)


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