Blogging; How often and what topics? (part 2 of 5)


Blogging; How often and what topics? (part 2 of 5)

Ok, it’s time to get busy!! I am going to break the article I originally read into a total of 5 parts, my hope in doing this is that you will not become overwhelmed with the ideas Amanda Gallucci shared in her article, 31 Types of Blog Posts for Every Day of the Month. Overacheivers, did you miss that? I included the link to the full article, go ahead skip forward if you must… but you’ll miss my insights if you don’t check back!

Most importantly you need to know ahead of time what you plan to post, if you just sit down in front of  a blank blog post chances are when you get up from your desk, it will still be blank.  Here’s how I maintain the blogs that I manage & write content for, if I have an idea, I write it down immediately! Don’t miss that simple point because I honestly mean it, write down your ideas IMMEDIATELY, also make sure it’s somewhere you have specified for organizing your blog. That could mean a notebook, your phone, your iPad… anywhere… just write it down!

If you don’t sit around brainstorming brilliant ideas for your blog every minute of the day, then here’s the next best thing you can do… collect written articles, pay attention to discussions, tv shows, newscasts, events in your area, anything you can bring to your audience with your own personality delivering the content.

Keep all of your ideas in one location, when it’s time for a blog post you will be ready! Below you will find the first 8 ideas written by Amanda Gallucci shared in her article, 31 Types of Blog Posts for Every Day of the Month.

# 1 – Share News About YOUR Company… there is nothing more fun than promoting exciting things happening within the walls of your business! New hires, new positions, new products… a simple blog post can be referred to in a myriad of ways.

#2 – Create a How To Guide… come on there are more than just a few things that you are a whiz at within your field or business – show it off! For those of you on the shy side, just write out the steps and then make sure it’s in plain English for people who have no prior experience and WAALAA, done!!

# 3 – Present a Case Study… keep in mind that you will need data that you have collected over a period of time. That could wind up being over the course of a day or a year, etc.

# 4 – Make  a List of Top Posts… simple to do when you have been gathering content from your favorite sources, so create a folder on your desktop or iPad now and get started!

# 5 – Review a Tool or Product… whether you are you a Neurophysicist or a Chef  – show some tools of your trade and how they help you achieve your end product.

# 6 – Give a Personal Take on Industry News… this one is simple, watch the news and then share your opinions.

# 7 – Talk About Survey Research… again you will need to be speaking about a topic you are well versed in, but don’t hold back, share your knowledge!

# 8 – Illustrate Company Goals… Don’t just illustrate, share, ask questions, even go as far as prying into your customer’s desires… if they tell you what they want or need, find a way to make it happen! A very wise man once drilled into my head, ‘You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.’ ~ Zig Ziglar

HOMEWORK: before next week when I cover the next 8 ideas choose ONE from the list above. Then write, edit and publish a blog post using the idea as a framework. When you are done I want you to email the blog post to Be sure to let me know if you’d like any input and  I will guarantee you a personal email response!

Yours to Count On,

Erika Madsen
Madsen Avenue Promotions
(602) 849-6576 cell

P.S. Madsen Avenue Promotions will customize marketing to fit YOUR business; No matter what your need! We specialize in social media integration, business planning, event coordination and even website design)

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