Blogging Sample: Apex Home Sales, Beaver Creek Area

Blogging Smaple: Apex Home Sales, Beaver Creek Area

It’s a glorious afternoon, here in Apex, NC we have had a measurable amount of snow fall since mid-morning. I have enjoyed the day at home, snuggled on the couch watching movies with my sister & kids.

Every once in awhile I have completed a task on my never ending to-do list. Just a few moments ago I was running comparable sales for a friend (& client) of mine who lives in Apex, NC. Then a simple but brilliant idea flashed before me…. SHARE this information with the world!

I am sure many homeowners in Apex, NC would also love to know about current home sales. With that simple thought I decided I had to share Apex’s local real estate market conditions with everyone. The Apex, Holly Springs real estate market is poised to thaw out this spring… just take into consideration the statistics below regarding the Beaver Creek area.

My client needed to know the rough value of her home which is in good condition on a nice private lot. The home itself is 1947 sqft built in 1996, great local schools and any store you could possibly need within a few miles. So let’s get down to business!

Apex Beaver Creek This graphic is a comparison page, Realtors refer to them as a CMA (comparitive market analysis). The links below have different formats of the info I have gathered.

“In the last 6 months there are only 6 homes that are comparable in your size, they are either sold or pending, we are at a VERY low inventory level at the moment.

Many homeowners have finally realized they are not able to attain pricing they want, having removed their homes from the market our inventory is very low. (Good thing)

Appraisals remain very tight, but at the same time things are FLYING off the market if they are priced properly – because there is not many choices due to inventory shortage. In market conditions like this the appraisers begin to be scrutinized and subject to more regulation with the hope that prices will not climb too fast becoming overinflated.”

Here are some of the other homes in an appraisal type format;

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