Five Fun (Free) Personal Behavior Assessments #1

Many companies begin idling around the holidays. But just because your hard deadlines and daily meetings have been pushed till after the New Year doesn’t mean your business savvy needs to go on standby. In fact, after you rev your team engine with your simple 2013 business plan, we suggest taking advantage of your downtime to readdress your personal professional goals. And we’ve got five free – and fun – online assessments to help you jump-start the process.

Behavioral assessments continue to be the trend among companies intent on hiring talent. According to Psychology Today, “Around 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use personality tests.” Why? According to Annette McLaughlin, VP of Talent at a recruitment firm in New York, assessments provide the tools to help you ask more informed questions and dig deeper. A leader for talent-based hiring at Gallup believes personality tests help employers discover what motivates a person or what will give them “intense satisfaction.”

Some of the most popular assessments used in the corporate world include the California Psychological Inventory, the DiSC Profile, Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder, the Hogan Development Survey, the Caliper Profile and the Emotional Competence Inventory.

But, what about your own personal behavior? How long has it been since you’ve done a self-assessment? And how can you self-evaluate toward accomplishing your business goals next year? Use the five free assessments below to learn more about yourself and flex your business brain this holiday.

Five Fun (Free) Personal Behavior Assessments
1.    Jung Typology Test

This online quiz is modeled after Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers’s approach to determining personality types. It provides you with the same four-letter acronym as the official Myers-Briggs assessment, though we found the interpretation of results to be less in-depth. Of course, if you’re looking to dig deeper, you should read a book about the Myers-Briggs, take the test from a certified assessment administrator or ask one of America’s most beloved families, The Simpsons.

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