My First Ever BLOG Post

My First Ever BLOG Post 


(I should start by saying this is from my real estate blog written in Gilbert, AZ)

Hello to anyone who may cross this page… allow me to start by telling you that I intended to begin this BLOG over a year ago before the birth of my second daughter-(any mother reading this is thinking- is she CRAZY??) the short answer is mostly.I have been holding some information over the past month hoping to get started and post some info, and while the youngest is napping I figured I would proclaim- let’s get started!! I won’t promise that this BLOG will last, I can only promise that I am starting officially, and I will be diligent in my efforts, just know that if at anytime I declare this BLOG as done-it won’t be from a lack of trying because if there is anything I enjoy in life it’s a CHALLENGE!! You will find that topics will range from the current real estate market, home values in specialized areas, growth of valley, statistics, community events, Highland Park Elementary PTSO, Yearbook Editing, and the raising of my 2 daughters age 6 & 1!!Erika, Sept 2007


If you have any questions about Madsen Avenue Promotions, please call or email us, it is my intention to have the bulk of this site written and active by October 30th, 2012.

Yours to Count On,

Erika Madsen
Madsen Avenue Promotions
602-849-6576 cell

P.S. Madsen Avenue Promotions will customize marketing to fit YOUR business (door to door flyer deliverybusiness planningsocial media integration & website design!)

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